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Our Philosophy

In today's world of instant results, more often than not, the process of learning becomes compromised under the guise of efficiency. Spoon-feeding becomes the 'recognized' and 'accepted' pedagogy in producing seemingly 'effective' results. Rote learning has a tenacious hold of the hearts of most 'educational' systems, curricula and programmes. 


In using 'FISHERMAN' as the name of our school, we are against rote learning and the spoon-feeding method right from the start of a student's music education and the way he or she perceives learning.


The best teacher in the world is a teacher who teaches a student to teach himself the earliest possible moment. Only with such a skill can a student be confident, and truly free ~ empowered to stand on his or her own feet independently to continue to improve, and make learning an enjoyable, life long process. This student may even strive to surpass the excellence of the teachers upon leaving their tutelage. 

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