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Our Team


Teacher Andrew

" The best time to learn music is the time when you really want to learn it. "


Teacher Josephine

" Music has limitless imaginations. Embrace it. Indulge it. "


Teacher Lynn

" I'd like to think that my lessons provide fun to the kids that in turn grows their interest in music instead if seeing it as another extra lesson that they are dragged to "


Teacher Keith

" My piano teaching philosophy is conceptual musical historical background and development or evolution of western classical music repertoire. "


Teacher Kang Lynn

" I believe music is for everyone and different people interprets music differently. Find your style and enjoy music your unique way. "


Teacher Yann Wei

" I believe that everyone should have a chance at learning music, as music is a beautiful form of self expression. I hope to engage my students by equipping them with skills and good learning habits to play the piano, so that they can express themselves through their music. I also strive to inspire my students to better appreciate classical music. "


Teacher Wayne

" My teaching philosophy is to foster my students' individual learning style and ensure they are able to build interest in music on their own. "

Join Our Team

We are constantly looking for talented musicians to join our Team.

If you share our teaching philosophy and believe that being a music teacher is your calling, do feel free to contact us via email to arrange for an interview.

You need to possess at least a diploma or degree from a recognised conservatory or university.

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