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Our Team


Teacher Andrew

" The best time to learn music is the time when you really want to learn it. "


Teacher Josephine

" Music has limitless imaginations. Embrace it. Indulge it. "


Teacher Calvin

" Learn music as a passion not as choice because music is the way we express our feeling where words fail but music speak "


Teacher Keith

" My piano teaching philosophy is conceptual musical historical background and development or evolution of western classical music repertoire. "


Teacher Yani

" As a piano teacher with a contagious passion for music, I instil a sense of joy and enthusiasm in my students, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. I derive immense fulfilment from witnessing the progress and achievements of my students, helping them unlock their potential and develop a deep and lasting love for music. "


Teacher Yann Wei

" I believe that everyone should have a chance at learning music, as music is a beautiful form of self expression. I hope to engage my students by equipping them with skills and good learning habits to play the piano, so that they can express themselves through their music. I also strive to inspire my students to better appreciate classical music. "


Teacher Wayne

" My teaching philosophy is to foster my students' individual learning style and ensure they are able to build interest in music on their own. "

Join Our Team

We are constantly looking for talented musicians to join our Team.

If you share our teaching philosophy and believe that being a music teacher is your calling, do feel free to contact us via email to arrange for an interview.

You need to possess at least a diploma or degree from a recognised conservatory or university.

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